communication far exceeds the strictures of that which is formalised in human discourse. we speak with the body, with the mind. and we are heard.

i find great joy in conversation with nature, aided by her provisions - myriad herbs, wihta, ése and charms.


in gentle whispers to an open ear, woden’s wind-carried murmurs of the coming threads to be woven into ones wyrd may be heard.

by gift of his runes, these whispers grow louder, as a magnifying glass to a beam of light.

intent may too be passed back into a whisper - a question, an unbalance of unknowns wishing to be scattered into light. as a gesture may be to you or me, so may his runes be to the fog of wyrd woven ever about us.

to be enlightened to his runes, and to grasp them for ourselves, is to convene with wyrd herself through woden’s tongue.


gǽð á wyrd swá hío sceal

with orlæg behind us and wyrd ever woven for us, the deepest communication to have might over is internal.

none may control wyrd, but we must choose what we do with the threads we are given.

progression through nature’s great tapestry is an act of balance, an act of walking ones own threads. once there may we find destination from our intent.