stone circle (otisil)

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you clamber up a small hill, giving you a view over the village you found yourself in earlier. this hill is called ríkái (“god’s look”).

from here you can see that the village is small but spread out over the narrow coast of this part of the island. you can see the silhouettes of various other islands in the archipelago on the gentle blue horizon. the tall mountains of the island still tower behind you.

a small stone circle is laid out on the floor. the stones look like they were pushed into the ground many generations ago.

an older woman from the village who calls herself korgí (“wise woman”) places a small ríroxoi (“offering”) of dwar (“peach”) within the circle. she says the circle is for the many (“gods”) that watch over the village from this hill.

the stones seem to be aligned meaningfully, with the shadows cast by the high sun dancing very thoughfully and deliberately round the circle.