confused about how my site is laid out? not sure how to make the most out of browsing? don’t worry! make a refreshing cup of tea and we can go through the basics.

how to browse

you can find a list of main pages at the menu on the right hand side of every page (or at the top under “menu” if you’re on mobile). it’s worth knowing too that there are many more pages than just those shown in the pages list. you can find those by clicking on links in the main pages. have fun exploring!

as something a little different to regular pages, i have two journals ─ the sun journal and the moon journal. you can think of the sun journal like a list of articles where i give a longer-form introspection on specific personal topics. the moon journal meanwhile is a list of smaller entries, a bit like a diary.

links on my site, that is things you can click to browse to another page, are coloured blue and grow a blue-purple line underneath if you hover over them. you can click these to browse around all my content.

if you ever see a external link icon icon appear next to a link, that shows that it is external. that means it links to a page outside of my site, such as on wikipedia. any external links like this will automatically open in another tab.


if you’re ever curious about changes i make on the site, these are recorded in a special page called the changelog. this is just a list, formatted a bit like the moon journal, of changes that i’ve made to the site over time.

getting in touch

if you notice something is wrong or just want to get in touch then you can send me an email to

where now?

thank you so much for browsing my site! it means a lot to me.

to start browsing, just pick a place in the menu on the right or head back to the homepage.