i picked out the below track - running up that hill - kate bush - as a good accompaniment to this page.

it’s one thing to have ideas about the world and nature, but another to try and put them into practice and effect change in the world. this is the work of magic.


magic is like a conversation between you and nature. if you make your desires explicit, this intention shrouds you and, by some mechanism or another, continually influences your reality.


i am always very skeptical of the kinds of magic instruction one finds online. to perform some ritual without any deeper understanding of what you’re doing, or why, feels empty. ultimately, everything you do is only a metaphor for placing your intentions in the world in some form.

in that way, i find magic to be best incorporated within the humdrum of life in whatever methods come most naturally. the preparation of herbal teas with specific properties can be greatly aided by the addition of intention in the form of a blessing, stirring desire into the liquid in the same rhythm as one hears from the hum of nature.

there are near infinite ways to incorporate this form of natural magic into life. it needs only belief and honesty.