i picked out the below track - lover // over the moon ─ alice phoebe lou - as a good accompaniment to this page.


how can i begin to understand the precise mechanisms by which i find myself with thought, with feeling, with life? whether it’s inherent of my matter, whether it was breathed into me, the conclusion is the same. i am custodian of something far greater than the mere sum of its parts.


i was born of this world, every cell a recycling of countless prior experiences. who am i to act as arbiter of where any external experience stops and begins when i can make little comprehension as to the nature of my own?

every facet of nature in her grandure - every tree, every drop of water, each and every creature and flowering blossom - is imbued with the same force within which i find my own origin. eorþe, our mother, breathed life into me as she did all things and so in kinship i approach the world