this is a little log of changes i’ve made to pages on the site or to the overall site and design.

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  • some minor style changes! links now have a wavy underline on hover and i tweaked some of the subtle colours used on the page to not be quite so close to the link colour
  • joined null webring and neossg webring
  • switched to an external guestbook and webmention-only comments because riku was just getting so full of spam :(


  • custom cursor is back!
  • added the pages substance and work to the magic section, and archived the whisper page
  • updated my current obsession in music to dang - caroline polachek
  • joined the fediring webring
  • finally finally made this theme mobile-friendly! (sorry it took so long!)
  • expanded the george page


  • made the not found page much better
  • updated how webrings appear on the homepage


  • changed the font to inconsolata! monospace time, woo!
  • added a little separator between <article>s
  • added a page about lami lioa
  • updated the music page with some more artists and my current obsession (alone - willow)
  • added more cool people to people
  • added back the vhs effect because it’s just coooool
  • images that aren’t part of links now automatically link to the image in a new tab. pretty handy


  • changed my name to maria, so so did the site! it’s now (instead of


  • added cute cultural pick-your-adventure to page on otisil


  • first update of 2023! did a slight design rejig, say hello to space marzka 2.0 :)
  • added some new artists on music and updated current obsession
  • started writing a little on some new conlangs: otisil and padian
  • shrines now have their own section in the menu!


  • added a new, minimal page style for longer-form writing! you can see an example of it on the newly-added documentation for caliprian


  • wow! been a while! updated music and finally got round to adding people’s kind words to my guestbook!
  • fixed a little bug: i’d forgotten to actually put my webmention info into the html. big silly me moment.
  • added a poem example to my conlang caliprian
  • added a new page to the magic section: smoke


  • updated toki pona with more nimi sin that i use, and updates to some definitions
  • added a page for writings


  • updated toki pona with way more fleshed out info
  • added nimi ale pona to links
  • updated the scrollbar style to be custom and removed the cute fake window close/minimise buttons


  • finally added a form to the guestbook so it properly works!


  • renamed friends to people and added some cool badges from other people’s sites
  • reworked the beginning of the homepage including a new page about my name
  • added a guestbook


  • fleshed out conlangs, especially zadmáh
  • removed media in anticipation of writing better media-related shrine pages
  • moved the menu into its own little static sidebar bit and made the window look more like a window
  • added a site badge!


  • don’t mind me, just having a spring clean!
    • removed the right now, programming and mi seme pages
    • moved food and trains into shrines
    • moved time into projects
    • moved toki pona back into pages column
  • added a page about my conlang caliprian
  • split old magic page into nature, whisper and wóð
  • minor spacing changes in site layout
  • changed the site background image and window background colour (from #1c3337 to #1f2d39)


  • completely migrated and rewrote the site!
    • now using jekyll to generate a static site
    • now hosting via neocities because cute community


  • completely rewrote the magic page


  • added some 88x31 banners to the homepage!
  • what’s this? another big style update?!
    • pages are now listed in a cute new sidebar
    • backlinks removed as most of them pointed to places in the new sidebar
    • removed custom font, now using browser default sans serif font
    • made pages list collapsible on mobile
  • added moon insights to the homepage


  • another big style update! added cute rock background and made the content look like it’s in an os window.
  • fixed overflow styling on <li> (list items - like this one!) elements


  • style rejig! namely:
    • links now have a gradient underline on hover
    • made footer smaller and further away
    • minor improvements to page spacing
    • made the header link background a gradient
    • centered images which don’t take up the full site width
    • new plant cursor!


  • removed the crt screen-style effect (sorry, eye-hurtees!)
  • added an icon for external links


  • joined the george webring
  • added a crt screen-style effect to the site
  • added better <meta> tags



  • added non-english pages to the pages page
  • fiddled around with the style (hello, sans-serif)


  • added webrings to the homepage
  • made a page about trains


  • added pages for vislandic and zadmáh
  • finally decided on how to format journals, making the sun and moon journals
  • joined the yesterweb webring!


  • added pages of specific foods with photos
  • added backlinks (bi-directional links) to most pages


  • redesigned the whole site!

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