in typical gay neurodivergent fashion, i have to say trains are pretty rad.

i definitely don’t know nearly as much about them as some people do but there are a few classes of train which stick in my brain as being memorable, whether for good or bad reasons.

class 390 pendolino

probably one of the first trains i was familiar with when i was young was the class 390 pendolino, an electric class which virgin trains operated at the time on the west coast main line. we used to drive to milton keynes central and get the train from there to wolverhampton to see my grandparents.

class 390 pendolino in virgin trains livery
class 390 pendolino in virgin trains livery · source
wolverhampton station entrance (before 2020)
wolverhampton station entrance before 2020 · source
milton keynes central
milton keynes central · source

i later moved to the north west for university and so became familiar with the west coast main line again, this time from lancaster station.

lancaster railway station
lancaster railway station · source

class 700 desiro city

a line i made frequent use of as a teenager was the thameslink line as it was a direct line to get from my hometown to london and beyond.

the trains in use on the line were class 700 desiro city which to this day are a possible number one favourite of mine.

my favourite stations (and frequent destinations for the day) were london blackfriars and brighton station.

class 700 desiro city at london blackfriars
class 700 desiro city at london blackfriars · source
london blackfriars
london blackfriars from the thames · source
brighton station
brighton station · source

class 144 pacer

the class 144 pacer was a very ugly and noisy diesel class that ran on a few northern services whilst i was living in the north-west.

at the time i would frequently visit leeds or other towns in yorkshire via the morecambe-leeds line. most often, this would be on a class 150 sprinter but on a lucky (or unlucky?) day you’d get a pacer.

to this day, i don’t think there’s any journey more beautiful than going the full length of the morecambe-leeds line at sunrise or sunset and looking out the window the whole time.

class 144 pacer in leeds
class 144 pacer in northern livery at leeds station · source
leeds station
leeds station · source