i picked out the below track - big protector ─ iglooghost - as a good accompaniment to this page.


watch the smoke rise loftily from a fire, or the steam dance skywards from bubbling water. it jumps and vaults, twists and curves, coming together in places, away from itself in others. at first this coming together, this amassing of ghostly cloud, and then dissipation.

we too come together at our beginning. an amassing of cells, atoms, energies that once were separate. and we are here for so short a time before we too dissipate again.

all life is twisted around this curve. as small as can be thought to as big as can be imagined. we are all a harmonious projection of her rhythm.


as the cloud of steam, or the gust of smoke, nature herself hums in a tone unseen by the eye. energies form together and dissipate again. some on such small scale, for mere fractions of seconds. some comings together last eons, entire epochs of the universe delineated by these energetic meetings.

in minding this, i may see these energies no differently to how i see myself. i am merely a coincidence of the meeting of particles for a brief time. in fleeting moments too, perhaps energy, freely floating, may combine as one. a unity of vibration. intention finding structure.


there is more in this world than just what may be seen, or touched. for her humming is not monotonous, not uniform. it is a melody, whose rises and falls may instruct every last millimeter of void to hum with her. to come together, or to dissipate. to follow along in her pattern.

there is a whole world of humming. and i choose to listen.