duním is a bitter-tasting herb regional to the mazadmáh people which has feminising properties.


the word duním derives from the root d·u·n, associated with breasts/breastfeeding or womanhood in general in mazadmáh society. the -ím derivation gives the word the overall meaning of “feminine substance” or “feminine essence”.

typical consumption

duním is typically drunk as a tea by steeping the duním leaf in hot water for some minutes, then picking the leaf out and flavouring with lemon or other fruit.


owing to its heavy association with ihdíuinis as a social class, duním is considered inóɣu (heavily taboo).


duním contains relatively low but not insignificant levels of estrogen in the form of two different estradiol esters, as well as varying amounts of progesterone depending on the exact strain and growth conditions of the herb.

aside from the elements associated with feminisation, duním also contains very small amounts of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, making it very slightly sympathomimetic.