crispy chilli tofu

crispy chilli tofu is one of my favourites because it’s so NICE but also i try not to make it too often because it’s so NOT HEALTHY.

crispy fried tofu in sticky, sweet chilli sauce
crispy fried tofu in sticky, sweet chilli sauce (oct 2021)


credit for the sauce on this one goes to maangchi, as it often does

  1. press your tofu so it’s not too moist and then chop it into whatever shape pieces you want
  2. deep fry the pieces in oil or, if you don’t want to deep fry them, shallow fry in plenty of oil for a good while making sure to turn them so it’s even
  3. once the tofu is about ready (nice golden-brown colour and crispy outside), remove it from the oil so it can dry and cool a little.
  4. combine equal parts gochujang, tomato ketchup and some kind of syrup in a pan and let it combine and heat up for a minute or so
  5. finally just pop your cooked tofu in and let the sauce soften the crunchiness a little. you’re ready to plate up and serve! :D