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warning this page is an archive now because this method of guestbooking wasn’t really working very well. please check out my newer external guestbook for more up-to-date entries!

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Hi, I found your site via the Yesterweb discord when trying to search for how to set up a static site generator for my own neocities site. Your site is #goals, and I think your layout is gorgeous. You’ve shared so much interesting stuff here, and I’ll definitely pour over it once I finish wrapping my non-technical brain around Jekyll. Looking forward to your “jekyll for the smallnet” idea coming to fruition eventually!
Lost Letters • 3 nov 22

Such a beautiful website, reminds me of the good old times.
kinduff • 2 nov 22

Love how warm, cozy, and thoughtfully-designed your webpage is. Feels like visiting a distant and peaceful planet filled with lush plains and night-blooming flowers. And the inclusion of Leah from Stardew Valley made me smile (she’s my favorite!)
em • 24 oct 22

I love your lil site and i’m jealous of the layout
─Swompy • 15 oct 22

love it :) adding your updates to my blogroll, happy to be able to follow along • 11 oct 22

your website has me interested in conlangs again :)
veld • 21 sep 22

nice little website. miss talking to ya!
─ava • 20 sep 22

I’m stealing your theme
Piusbird • 13 sep 22

I love your webzite!! It’z really nice and cozy. Alzo it actually inzpired me to make my own webzite bazed on jekyll (which I’m zo glad I did!!)
Roly • 11 sep 22

your site is awesome, love how cozy it is. very well designed!! cannot wait to see more
vincent • 31 aug 22

I love the concept of having both a sun and a moon journal. you are an elegant writer, and I love the design of your website
di • 24 aug 22

Awesome site! I really vibe with your nature page.
Rex • 17 aug 22

your site feel like cosy blanket :)
─patchworkofshadows • 17 aug 22

toki a! jan Kawa li lon! mi lukin e jan ala… ni la mi nanpa wan! o pona~
─jan Kawa • 15 aug 22